Linq Analytics

Link customer data
across various systems


As companies grow and become more complex, they might find they’re collecting customer data across several different platforms. That’s where Linq Analytics comes in. They make sense of customer data without the need to consolidate and offer the expertise of their data consultants. We at GLIDE knew creating the launchpad site for Linq Analytics would be a fun and rewarding experience.

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Image Title
All nodes lead to Rome

To convey the value that Linq Analytics offers, we created visual assets, branding, and animations. The new logo references nodes or spokes that connect at a central point in something like a microservices sunburst. Custom illustrations show data traveling among various systems and converging under the Linq Analytics logo. Scroll and load animations give the site that startup feel—in particular, the footer celebrates the breadth of systems available for integration as platform logos move up and out like confetti.


What we learned

Le mot juste

It was important to us that we comply with brand use guidelines for the platform logos we use throughout the site. After some research, we decided to create generic logos that would suggest specific platforms without breaching intellectual property laws. We also worked closely with the Linq Analytics team to ensure the site’s language accurately reflects how Linq Analytics works and highlights its unique offerings.

Finding new patterns

While it’s easy to see improvements from a redesign, gauging how well a new site is doing can be a bit more tricky. Seeing 78% of traffic come from new visitors is exciting but doesn’t mean a lot when the site itself is new. We might test different phrases, CTA placements, or SEO strategies to see how we might get even better results for this client. Until then, Linq Analytics has a sleek online presence to promote their invaluable offerings.