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When you think about insurance companies, loyalty isn’t always the first word that comes to mind. However, the more we talked to Germania leading up to their redesign, the more we understood how committed they’ve been to helping rural Texas communities grow and prosper for over 100 years. Any company that cares about Texans as much as Germania is a company GLIDE is thrilled to work with.

Authentic and functionality

Our first project goal was to take their trusted brand and translate that to the web experience. Authentic, local imagery laden with signature messaging was a great place to start. The site looks and feels modern but the substance makes it clear they’ve been around for some time.

Another priority was deciding how to organize all the different product offerings they’ve expanded into over the years. The most direct way to browse is by using the robust drop-down navigation. Or, if you’re still deciding what product you need, we display tiles with custom iconography for quick identification.

One of the more complex parts of the project was the ‘Find an Agent’ functionality. Because of the personal nature of their business, contacting a local agent is the primary conversion path. Rather than scanning a plain text list, like they had before, we added a map-based search that pinpoints nearby agents based on zip, city, or county search queries. This ensures users talk to someone who knows the particulars of their locality.

At a Glance


What we learned

Start with the end in mind

Germania’s fresh new re-design accurately represents their business, which makes them even more credible to their clients and ensures a much better user experience.

Mobile optimization allows for greater exposure. More people visiting their site means Germania get a higher SEO score.

Post launch results

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