Support Policy

Let's Go!

Having built and managed hundreds of websites in the last 10+ years, we know what it takes to meet your needs. While many web companies might cringe at the update requests of their customers, we welcome yours.

Things you can expect

The overview

Online Support Ticket System

professional and easy to use

Dedicated Account Representative

direct access by email and phone

Expert Level HTML/CSS Coders

not contracted amateurs

Expert Level Designers

not contracted amateurs

Glide 100% Guarantee

if you’re not happy, you don’t pay!

Important Information

Please be sure to review the information below as it pertains to important details for completing your requested changes. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 512-215-4236 or email us at

The details

Standard Billing

  • 1-Hour Minimum Charge (group requests to reduce costs)
  • Time billed in 30-Minute increments (thereafter)
  • “Rush” charges billed at time and a half

Turn Around (5 days)

  • Standard updates completed in 5 business days (or less)
  • Rush updates completed in 24 hours (or less)
  • Larger updates may be over 5 business days (we will notify you)

Payment Terms (billed monthly)

  • All completed updates billed first day of following month
  • Payment is due net 30 days (late payments accrue 2% interest)
  • All changes approved by client are considered final

Past Due Balances (how it affects you)

We reserve the right to place all requests on hold if there are outstanding invoices past 30 days due on your account. Overall, we desire to serve our clients with excellent customer service and expect prompt and courteous payment in return. If you have any outstanding invoices, we will likely notify you of the issues prior to completing any newly requested support tickets.

How To Submit Updates

We’ve completed more than 1000+ hours of billed site updates and learned a thing or two in the process. Following the tips below puts your updates on a fast track and reduces back and forth. Review the list and remember that we’re here to help!


Submit Request Online

We humbly request all changes to be sent digitally using our simple online form. Since we have predetermined the most important pieces of information in short simple questions, we can help you faster than if you were to email us your request manually.


Include Overview of Needs

If you’re requesting more than one change, a simple 1-2 sentence description of what you’re trying to accomplish helps us understand your needs better. By including this, you allow our expertise to shine and give us the ability to make suggestions based on your changes.


Make a Numbered List

There’s a saying, “If it isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist.” However, I’d like to add, “If it’s not a numbered list, it won’t get done.” By clearly numbering each change on the site, you allow our team to focus on each item until it’s correct and complete.


Attach All Necessary Files

Many site updates require additional text or images. We will gladly accept any text changes via form submission, attached word documents, or even by email.